Engraving Uses In Different Industries

Engraving is an ancient art which consists on incising a writing or a design on a hard surface. It dates back to many centuries ago, but is still in vogue at present. The reason of its popularity is that engraving is usually associated with the ideas of love and memory.

Indeed, it is common to engrave a gift such as a watch; in this way, the person who will receive it, will know that we care about him/her. Another frequent use for engraving is funerary art. An engraved grave in fact keeps the memory of our loved ones alive.

Engraving is, in short, a way of communication to leave messages that will last forever. However, that’s not all and there are other uses which this art is employed for. Let’s see them briefly:

Customized jewellery
Speaking about gifts, customizing jewellery with an incision is a trend which is becoming more and more popular these years. An engraved bracelet or a ring (with a name or a date) symbolizes love and makes its owner feel special. The most frequently used techniques are rotary and laser engraving and can be applied to gemstones, metal or glass materials.

Maybe you never think about it, but you see engraved placards an street signs practically everyday. Signage industry is another employment for engraving and it is very important beacuse it allows to give essential informations to people in a very small space.

Plaques and trophies
And, what about sports and competitions in general? Plaques and trophies usually have an incision on them to mark the goals of the person who received them. An engraved trophy makes you feel proud of what you have done and will be admired for ever and ever by new generations. A high quality engraving in fact doesn’t vanish so easily but is extremely longlasting.

Objects personalisation
Obviously, engraving is used for personalizing whatever object is important to us. Gunsmiths for example usually make incisions on their products. Whether it is a luxury pen or any personal tool, engraving adds an artistic touch to it and marks a sort of signature. In this way, it makes it more special to our eyes.

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