Vinyl Stickers And Car Decals

Vinyl Sticker are basically stickers that are made of plastic, hence its waterproof feature. The ink we use are solvent-based, consistent with the waterproofing feature. The same properties apply for our car decals. Our stickers can thus be used in outdoor weather conditions, and is the most economical solution for one-off usages as well. We also provide additional protective options such as matt/fine lamination, which enables the sticker to be more lasting and scratch-resistant.

Shape and design fully customizable. 

 -Size ranges from 3mm x 3mm to 1m x 3m. 

 Material: Vinyl Sticker, Decal 

 Optional Coating: LaminationBacking:None. 


Solvent Printing 

 Minimum order: None

Vinyl Sticker

One Shenton Vinyl Cut-Out

car decals

Vinyl Sticker Print With Epoxy Coating Small

car decals

Vinyl Sticker Silver Label Print

Vinyl Installation on Stairs

UV printing

Vinyl Sticker Wall Signage

Vinyl Sticker Color Chart

custom stickers Singapore
customised vinyl stickers

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For our business owners, this is where you can create a custom sticker or decal for your business. You can utilize our die cut stickers or vinyl lettering to show your business logo and information on work trucks or on your shop window. The oval custom vinyl stickers and rounded corner stickers are also great for businesses to give out with their company logo and UV printing contact info. You can also check out our custom vinyl stickers and car stickers. Create a custom sticker and car decals with us today!