Tips For Designing Memorable Signage To Attract Customers

Business owners often ignore the essence of having outstanding signage to grab the attention of customers. The point is, signage helps attracts customers to a business. Suppose signage hanging inside or outside a store has an attractive design. In that case, viewers are immediately drawn to it, leading them to want to know about the business and the signage activities.
Here are some essential tips for designing memorable signage that attracts people

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Select Colors Carefully
The choice of colors plays a crucial role in creating a unique and memorable signage design. The importance of color in graphic design comes from the fact that we can easily associate red with Coca-Cola and yellow with McDonald's brands.

Since most signages are small, you should use a color that can be easily noticed. For example, we can immediately detect red. You should use a catchy color that can quickly draw the attention of the passerby. Also, pay attention to the psychology of color in marketing and branding when designing memorable signage.

You should avoid using trendy colors. A trendy color can be attractive today, but it might not be tomorrow. This means you would need to be redesigning your signage almost every year. Think about your design's longevity when creating static signage for your business and using instantly visible colors that define your brand.

Make It Readable
Your business signage competes with many other graphic designs inside and outside your store; your signage message should instantly reach your audience.

A sure-fire way to get people to receive your signage message is to create contrast in your design. When two elements of design produce an effect of contrast, it attracts the attention of the viewer. 

Most panels have foreground text or graphics, and there is only one background color for contrast. Viewers can instantly read your message from the signage from a distance, thanks to the contrast effect.

If the signage color is pale or slightly pale, you can enhance it by drawing an outline or creating a shadow around the foreground letters. Another tip for creating contrast is to draw a thick border around the text to make it easier to read.

Use Capital Letters
Your business signage should be visible to the public from a great distance. Otherwise, the project has failed in its objective. For guaranteed fast visibility, be sure to use a larger text.

As a rule, you should increase the letters' height by one inch every 10 ft. distance. This means that for signage to be visible from 100 feet, its letters should be 10 inches high.

Using the correct font is also essential for creating visible signage. The different typeface has a different readability effect. For example, if your signage has floral inscriptions, people may have difficulty reading at a reasonable viewing distance. Hence, it would be preferable if you chose clean fonts that can define your brand's personality.