Ten Quick Tips To Prepare For Engraving

No need for stress. You have got the momentum. Read these simple tips, and you'll be ready for your engraving services!

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1. Measurement - First, how much engrave-able space do you possess? The limitations of an engraver may vary. We can work with some surface variations, but our lasers work best when there is a relatively flat surface with no curve. Are you considering large engraving or small fractions of a centimeter? Once you have a rough idea, start the planning process.

2. Planning: This is one of the essential parts. Do your research! Take a look at engraving styles and brainstorm ideas, fonts, images, and check for copyrights or trademarks. (A law-abiding engraver cannot legally engrave without the permission of the organization.) Are you just thinking about the text? A handwritten message or a photo/logo? The options are almost endless!

3. Ask for a Quote. This part is easy. Write a short, concise paragraph about what you are planning. Remember to include sizes and dimensions. You can attach a photo of the item being engraved and files, if applicable. We will contact you to quote your project.

4. Allow For production time - We typically take 7-10 business days to engrave most items. If you need things carried out swiftly, we have expedited services. Other company/engraving services may have different delivery times. You will need to consult them directly.

5. Prepare your file for Engraving: It is always best to bring your file. Vector format (.ai, .pdf, .cdr) or a high resolution .jpg file will work best for engraving. Preparing the file in advance (if possible) can alleviate and minimize the most common complications and errors that occur in engraving projects. But if you don't have access to the design programs (don't worry).

It is not necessary to enter everything entirely in the file. Just provide vector illustrations of a logo or write the text you want to print. Someone will be happy to review your file in advance if you have any questions.

Make sure your photos/images are in high resolution. (If the sides of the image look like a stair step, it is not a high-resolution photo)

6. No files? No problem - if you don't have a designer or someone who can prepare your file, don't worry. We have designers who can help you!

7. Spell Check, Check, and Triple Check: We always send a proof for you to approve before engraving. Mistakes are, however inevitable in most cases. However, you can dramatically cut out time used on going back and forth by merely proofing your files/information ahead of time. Is everyone's name spelled correctly? Is this the latest version of the logo you want to use?

8. Pictures Speak Clarity Than Words: Even if your drawing skills look like an elementary school kid with a few pointers in hand. If they possess a specific drawing in mind or something that communicates better than a long paragraph, provide that information to the engraver. Not everyone can be Da Vinci, we understand, and we will not judge you because you tried to clarify.

9. Schedule production time: Check the production time before bringing your products so that you can plan accordingly. If you need things last minute (like - you needed it yesterday?), Be prepared to pay extra commission to take your order before any other open online orders.

10. Leave the details to the engraver - Not sure what kind of laser you need for your project? Will an engraver have the right equipment to meet your specific needs? Should you look for fill ink for more contrast? There are many questions your engraver already knows the answers to, and you don't have to worry. Submit a quote request or call the engraver to explain your requirements briefly. He/she will be able to guide you from there.

With these tips, you should feel super confident, secure, knowledge, and ready to get your engraving done.

If you require any more info or question to ask, do contact us.