How to Decide Which Type of Engraving Technology For Your Product?

The businesses which would like to engrave their brand name on their products for the sake of highlighting the brand and leaving a lasting impression of the brand shall know which type of engraving technique is best suitable for their product. Different types of engraving techniques are used for engraving on different materials depending on the type of material/product to be engraved, content to be engraved, and preferred choice of the customer.

Here is a glimpse of different types of engraving techniques which can be used to engrave a message, logo, mark, or other characters on various materials:

Rotary Engraving:

Rotary engraving is done in two ways viz. Rotating Carbide Engraving and Diamond Drag Engraving. The former is one of the most popular methods of engraving on metals, acrylics, plastics, woods, etc. because the spinning carbide bit of the rotating carbide engraver engraves greater depth and wider tool path without compromising with the quality of the finish. For paint filling letters in metal surfaces, rotating carbide engraving works best and so an established metal engraving service mostly recommends this for engraving on metals.

Whereas in diamond drag engraving, diamond-tipped bit does not rotate but glides on the surface of the material to be engraved. The resultant depth and width of engraving on the material are much less than what can be achieved with rotating carbide engraving technology. Diamond engraving when done on metal surfaces produce little dust. Besides achieving the desired task at a faster rate, a blackened engraving area on some materials can be produced by darkening with a marking compound. Diamond engraving is mostly applied to jewelry, serial plats, industrial data tags, etc. An engraving specialist can guide you on which type of engraving should you choose for your project.

The benefit of choosing rotary engravers is that it does not have a risk of fire or gas release and does not have any odor too. Both the types of rotary engravers produce a smooth finish and can be done on almost any surface. This type of engraving does not require special plastics or acrylics as required by laser engraving. So, when you want wood engraving service, metal engraving service or plastic engraving service, check for rotary engraving technology.


Gift engravers and jewelry engravers:

Laser engraving and rotary engraving technologies primarily work upon flat items. But if random shaped and different objects like glasses, bowls, pens, gifts, jewelry (ring, bracelets, etc.) and other similar items are to be engraved then gift engravers or jewelry engravers offer an apt solution. Gift engravers are different from laser engraving technology and rotary engraving technology because it uses tools similar to Swiss army knives for engraving.

The above-mentioned application preferences of engraving techniques, their advantages and disadvantages can help you decide which type of engraving services are apt for your product. If you are still unsure about choosing the type of engraving technology then contact us now!