Chemical Engraving on Nameplates

Nameplates are the first impression of a house, office, and building. Chemically engraved nameplates are used more often in Singapore because they make the environment look attractive, and they are durable. Generally, nameplates are placed in a harsh environment, so a durable and stable surface is required. Aluminum alloys and Stainless steel surfaces are more suitable for harsh environments.

Chemical engraving is when the metal surface or sheet is engraved by removing a portion of it in a controlled environment. The process is permanent. Enamel paint is used after chemical engraving to improve durability and finishing.

You can get the most accurate and best quality products produced with chemical engraving. Intricate designs, images, and patterns can be easily engraved using chemical engraving. Nameplates can be engraved with clear fonts and extended writings. Exceptional detailing can be handled effortlessly in chemical engraving. In addition, a wide range of colors is suitable while engraving.

Chemical engraving is a process that involves multiple steps. No heat or force is needed during this process. This helps the chosen materials to retain their unique properties. It includes steps such as cleaning, exposing, separation, developing, engraving, laminating, and stripping to complete the entire engraving process.

1. The first step after metal selection is the chemical cleaning of the material to remove contaminants.

2. Lamination is then carried out to form a coating on the metal sheet to protect it from corrosion agents and other chemical solutions. Following these steps, the film image is exposed to ultraviolet light.

3. After completing the steps mentioned above, the engraving is performed on metal. The engraving speed is defined according to the metal used for the product.

4. The photoresist sheet is removed from the engraved sheet after engraving. The final product is ready after all the steps as mentioned above. The ultimate touch is given to the product at this point, and then the product is sent to the inspection department to ensure the precision of the design.

With advantages such as fast lead time and low manufacturing costs, chemical engraving is the most recommended nameplates process. It's a stress-free process that doesn't leave the shells on the metal. With chemical engraving, you can get the most accurate and precise results. Solutions that facilitate the economy are available with us in a wide variety. By contacting us, you can get expert recommendations on sizing, metal selection, and other prerequisites.