Brighten Design Acrylic Shield
Brighten Design Acrylic Shield
Brighten Design Acrylic Shield
Brighten Design Acrylic Shield

Brighten Design Acrylic Shield

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Protect with minimal impact on your interior’s aesthetics. The shield in acrylic is transparent, preventing visual blocking and allowing stains to be spotted easily. Comes with a stable self-standing capability, the shields can be placed at any table easily and stably; making it great for transient places. No drilling, no blue tags, no accidents - The Acrylic Shield is your perfect tool for enforcing safe distancing. Our table shield allows businesses to remain open as staff are protected and customers are assured. Implementing shields will be the new normalcy for how companies should operate. 


  • Comes with 2 flat, metal feet design that ensures minimal obstruction in user’s daily activities
  • Stable, heavy, metal base also ensures that the shields are well-supported and doesn’t topple easily
  • Optional: Apply 3M Command Strips for a semi-permanent setup and to ensure shields will never fall
  • Easy-to-clean. Sanitisers (alcohol & non-alcohol versions) can be used
  • Doubles as a writing board and post-it board. Great for employees at workstations to stay on top of their tasks and for restaurants to list their daily menu
  • Portable - can be removed or added to tables easily
  • Doesn’t require drilling onto tables

  • Sizes are customisable. Pls enquire to find out more
  • Material(s)Clear Acrylic Shield with Steel Base
  • Measurement(s)W1500 x D200 x H1000
  • The acrylics are 5mm thick, Acess Hole size: W470 x H300